Plum Crazy

Plum Crazy is my first recipe at Magnotta, for their newly-launched growler line. I wanted to do a nice fruit beer for summer, and decided to do a cream ale with plums. Why plums? Because I didn’t see very many plum beers out there. I envisioned a nice, light, slightly fruity beer in a lovely shade of pink/purple, something refreshing for a summer day. I used one of the Festa Brew bases we make, a cream ale, because I wanted a solid base for the plums. The Festa kits are stable and make a solid background for experimentation (no, it’s …


What happens when you get 600-ish women together to drink beer?

What happens is a very chill and relaxed event. No drama. No fights, no shrieking, no shenanigans. Just some lovely and wonderful women enjoying and talking about beer, far from the male gaze. The beer at this event was pretty delicious. My favourite was the Bonfire Porter from Muddy York – their regular porter with cocoa nibs, cinnamon and vanilla beans. Jenn Reinhart’s coconut porter was very good as well, and I was intrigued by the flavours the spent gin botanicals gave to Revel’s Spirit of the Woods cider.

Road Trip

The Man: “Hey, it looks like we have 5 days off together over Thanksgiving. Want to go on a road trip down South? We can hit some of the breweries you’ve been mentioning in Asheville.” Me: No response, as I was already packing.   We had so much beer in the trunk by the end, I was getting paranoid about someone rear-ending us. And a huge shout out to the Canada Customs guy who understood that it was homework….yeah, that’s it, homework.