Learn 2 Brew

My friend Virginie and I had been batting the idea of a women’s only learn to brew event around for a while, and after a conversation with Nick at Brew North we set one up through eventbrite.

There were messages back and forth about marketing on social media, and how to promote it. We feared not getting enough women interested. Imagine our surprise when we sold out after a few days.

Day 1 – mashing in

We had nine women show up, of varying demographics. And we had fun. There were lots of questions and answers and laughs.

Day 2, two weeks later, getting ready to bottle.

Two weeks later, we all met again for bottling. As we finished, I asked some questions about how they thought it went. There had been some heated discussions on some Facebook boards about women, brewing and general feminism, and I was curious if the supportive, all-women environment was in fact what women wanted. Short answer – yes.

All of them loved the open atmosphere, how all of their questions were answered fully and respectfully, and all felt that they had enough confidence to go and buy ingredients. And make more beer.


On the other side of the desk

Well this is fun. No, really, it is!

I was given the chance to sit on the other side of the desk at Niagara College and teach two courses, first semester Ingredients and second semester Sensory.

Two cards, less than two years apart.
I think this was IPA day in Sensory.

I was reminded of how much I really like teaching. I wish I had more time to prepare the lessons and get marking done but am still working five days at Magnotta. I do love being back at Niagara. I keep expecting my classmates to walk around a corner though, and wish they were still around to go for beer or ice cream.

Germany, day 7

Day 7: Saturday, April 30th
Free day

Took the train into Munich and explored a bit. Found a truly wonderful yarn store where I met a woman who both understood English and understood why I wanted a German yarn. I bought an amazing grey cashmere lace yarn, maybe for a scarf. I met up with Joanne and we made a pilgrimage to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch.

We hit the Friesing beer garden for dinner before heading to Friesing’s Spring Festival at the fairgrounds. They have a beer carousel which I left only a few times for biological reasons. It was delightful and a good way to end the trip.

Free day in Munich
Evening at Freising’s Spring Festival.

Germany, day 6

Day 6: Friday, April 29th
10:00: Tour Hop Museum
11:00: Beer Tasting
12:30: Bus to Weltenburg
14:00: Open time
15:00: Tour Abbey brewery

Well, Tuesday’s hangover had nothing on this one. Epic. We were all, and I mean all, in a great deal of self-inflicted pain.

The visit to the hop museum was a bit rough; it was hard to truly enjoy the tasting prepared by the beer sommelier. I felt truly awful that I could not fully appreciate the 3-year-old bottles he brought in from his private cellar.

The hair of the dog had the desired effect and was much better by the time we got to Weltenburg Abbey. This place was truly spectacular, and I spent most the time after the tour exploring along the river.