Germany, day 7

Day 7: Saturday, April 30th
Free day

Took the train into Munich and explored a bit. Found a truly wonderful yarn store where I met a woman who both understood English and understood why I wanted a German yarn. I bought an amazing grey cashmere lace yarn, maybe for a scarf. I met up with Joanne and we made a pilgrimage to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch.

We hit the Friesing beer garden for dinner before heading to Friesing’s Spring Festival at the fairgrounds. They have a beer carousel which I left only a few times for biological reasons. It was delightful and a good way to end the trip.

Free day in Munich
Evening at Freising’s Spring Festival.

Germany, day 6

Day 6: Friday, April 29th
10:00: Tour Hop Museum
11:00: Beer Tasting
12:30: Bus to Weltenburg
14:00: Open time
15:00: Tour Abbey brewery

Well, Tuesday’s hangover had nothing on this one. Epic. We were all, and I mean all, in a great deal of self-inflicted pain.

The visit to the hop museum was a bit rough; it was hard to truly enjoy the tasting prepared by the beer sommelier. I felt truly awful that I could not fully appreciate the 3-year-old bottles he brought in from his private cellar.

The hair of the dog had the desired effect and was much better by the time we got to Weltenburg Abbey. This place was truly spectacular, and I spent most the time after the tour exploring along the river.


Germany, day 5

Day 5: Thursday, April 28th
08:30: Bus to Krones (Freising)
09:00: Tour Krones (Brewing)
11:30: Lunch courtesy of Krones
12:30: Bus to Neutraubling
14:00: Tour Krones (Packaging)
16:30: Bus to Freising
Day: Head off solo to Kloster Andechs
Evening: Reinheitsgebot Festival in Freising

Had to run solo as I was getting peopled out and feeling old after 4 days with the 20-somethings. I headed to Andechs on the recommendation of my friends, Katherine & Michael. It was one of the most truly lovely times I have spent. I poked around and even managed to get an impromptu tour of the brewing facility by a charming young man from Oklahoma.

Seems I didn’t miss much. While I was sitting in the beer garden in the sun and enjoying what is probably the most incredible doppelbock known to mankind, the rest of the group had a dry day inside Krones.

We met back around dinner, and headed to the Reinheitsgebot Festival in the square. Much, much beer was drunk, then tequila. The less said about the rest of the night, the better.

Day 5, afternoon
Day 5, evening

Germany, day 4

Day 4: Wednesday, April 27
07:30: Bus to Bamburg
10:00: Tour Weyermann Malting
12:30: Tour Schlenkerla Brewery
14:00: Lunch at Schlenkerla
15:00: Bus to Freising

Bamburg. One day was not enough.

Life highlight: being in the cellars of Schlenkerla where the brewmaster, the great-great-grandson* of the founder, poured beer for us out of the tanks. A truly remarkable day.

Day 4, morning
Day 4, afternoon.

*I may be missing a -great or two.