Day 202


Nate presented some interesting information about high gravity brewing, and confirmed something I’d long suspected, that big breweries only brew¬†about 10 worts but make about 20 beers from them by varying the dilution factor. It puts quite a strain on the yeast, and there is a high degree of oxygenation and nutrient supplementation that has to occur.


The big topics are apparently over, and the next lectures will combine 2-3 small topics in one. Today’s small topics were:

  • Lagers and sulfur. Because of the colder process, there tends to be more sulfur present in lagers (reason #1 why I am not huge fan of the style). By adjusting yeast strain, the VDK’s that cause the sulfur can be minimized. Or at least I hope that’s the case – it was a long hard weekend and a late night, and I will freely admit to zoning out now and again.
  • Hop Bitterness. Nate looked at IBU’s vs. perceived/sensory bitterness, and at the gaps between them. We also talked about the flavour & bitterness differences between hops in the boil vs. dry hopping. More aroma is perceived in dry hopped beers, which increased the perceived bitterness in the taste. Makes me wish I’d been a bit more awake for this part, as I’m fascinated by this difference between real and perceived sensory.



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