Day 262

I’m sitting here in the school library (which is blissfully quiet-ish in the summer), trying to do a practice exam for Brewhouse Calculations class.

I am able to answer one question of out the fourteen without looking at my notes. This does not bode well for the midterm on Wednesday.

Yes, a midterm only three weeks into the semester. We have two compressed courses in the first part of it, which means I have Calculations and Ethics for 6 hours a week each. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling in Calculations (like only answering 7% of the practice exam wasn’t a clue); it’s really important, and going really fast for my middle-aged brain. Ethics is just about as tedious as it sounds; I’ve started knitting in class to try and stop from spending most of the time goofing off on the Internet.

It’s been two months since I last posted. It was stupid-crazy-busy-awful. There was Japan, then coming back from Japan early because my beloved’s Dad was hospitalized. A week of going to the hospital, then funeral arrangements, lawyers, and all the fun that comes with suddenly becoming owners of a house filled with stuff. I did get away to Sudbury to visit family (fun) and intern at Stack Brewery (educational) before classes started again.

And then classes started again. Along with the double whammy in Calculations and Ethics, there’s History, Sensory and Practical. And all the other stuff. I was going to do a massive catch-up blog post, but at the rate I’ve been able to carve out time to write, it’ll be a 6 month catch-up post not a 2 month one. So, Going to do a big picture dump and move on.


Tokyo – fake display beer on Kappabashi Street



Tokyo – Asahi Headquarters



Tokyo – Taking a break inside Asahi’s Flamme D’Or



Tokyo – from the bottle shop near the hotel



Tokyo – a blurry sentiment I can get behind



Tokyo – sunrise from our Shibuya hotel



My job at Stack for a few days – packaging their root beer and ginger ale



Sensory classes – beer and food with Chef Olson have not been bad ways to start a Monday. Charcuterie, fried foods and cheese.



Got my promo copy of Emma Christensen’s new book as a thank you for testing recipes.



Homebrew – made a big batch of wheat and split in secondary with cranberries and black currants.



The hammock is a good place for reading and sipping a radler.


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