Day 268

Brew day today! We made a total of 6 batches on the 4 pilot systems of a copper lager for a contract brewer. Alberto and I worked on Pilot #2, aka Beulah. It was a bigger boil than we had previously done in the pilots, 70L as opposed to 50L, and we were a bit worried about boil overs, as Beulah’s kettle can run a bit hot . Jon showed us a neat trick to put some hop pellets in while you’re waiting for the boil; the hops disperse and the oils stop much of the foaming. Much easier to use to, rather than running around the brewery trying to find the one small bottle of anti-foam. We were a bit off in our target gravities though, something we’ll need to address when we brew our recipe project later in the month.

I spent the evening at Oast House, where I was volunteering for the CBA’s, passing out food tickets and pouring beer. Even though I was on the working side of the draught lines, I really enjoyed myself. The weather was gorgeous, the people interesting and easy to talk to, the food good and the beer better.


My view from the outside draught taps


Upstairs bar.


Delicious, delicious Biere de Mars, Oast House’s sour beer.


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