Day 269

Oof. Moving a little slow today. Volunteered at the CBA’s again last night, working at the former Maid of the Mist docks. Hornblower Cruises, who took over the company, had a tent set up where brewers drank and ate within sight of the American Falls. Pretty sweet location. I was lucky enough to get on the boat cruise at 9:30, where they get closer to the falls, and then turn so we can watch the fireworks from the river. Definitely a life-is-good moment.


Not a bad view from where I was pouring Oast House, Brimstone & Sawdust City.


Fireworks and the Canadian side from the boat.


Brewers on a boat…

Things got a tad blurry after that as we followed the brewers off the boat and to the after party at the Hard Rock. Lots of beer, food and great conversations with brewers from Newfoundland to BC made me a happy Kat last night, but a bit of a duntish one today.

But before the CBA’s was Brewhouse Calculations class. So glad it the class wasn’t today; I had a hard enough time following the calculations on¬†predicting mash pH and volume/vessel design. I love this course; it’s probably the one I am going to get the most out of and use the most. I just wish it wasn’t a compressed course as it’s a lot of information to pack into a half a semester. We got our final project, worth 35% of our final mark. It’s HUGE, and we only have two weeks to complete it. I’m wondering how I’m going to fit in working on it on the weekend when I’m heading to Sudbury for a family pre-wedding party. Late nights on caffeine, that’s how.

We also got back our mid-term from Wednesday. I made some really dumb errors, like transposing numbers and forgetting to put the units in my answers, but I still managed a better mark than I expected.

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