Day 272

No more food in Sensory, alas. We’ve switched to the second portion that’s all about spirits and wine. Our first communication from the prof, Kristina, was an admonition to eat a good breakfast. I thought I did, but my coffee, oatmeal and bacon sandwich proved to be no match for this:

From left: gin, brandy, scotch, Jack Daniels, Jaegermeister, St. Germain and Kahlua


It’s not like we were doing shots though; the usual sensory steps apply (look, smell, sip) with the addition of one more: spit. And believe me when I say that there does not appear to be a way to do it nicely. 

Kristina led us through some of the basic differences between spirits and liqueurs (liqueurs have spices, fruit and/or sugar added), and a brief overview of the basic types of each. And then the tasting.

It was a blind tasting to work on vocabulary without prior bias, and some were easier to identify than others. Gin? Nothing else smells of juniper like that. Scotch had the peaty/smoky thing going for it, I have a bottle of St. Germain in my liquor cabinet and I have drunk enough Black Russians in my youth to know Kahlua. I thought the brandy was bourbon, which tells you how long it’s been since I’ve drunk either. And I have to say that the Jack Daniels and Jaegermeister took me by surprise. My personal biases have gotten in the way of me really trying them before this. I may never be a JD drinker, but the Jaeger might be something nice to sip on after a meal.

The other Monday class is History, and Alan took us on a medieval tour of European brewing guilds. Brewing was still being done by women in the homes, but it had transitioned to a male-oriented career once technology and ingredient availability made it possible to brew larger, profitable batches. Gee, there’s a surprise.


I waas the happy recipient of this from my classmate, Nick, as payment for recording a Calculations class he had to miss. I told him that payment wasn’t necessary, but I still took it!

I call things like this Unobtanium, you can’t get it anywhere around here.


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