Day 273

Brewhouse Calculations has been a bit of a struggle for me on a good day. It’s 1) important, 2) complex, and 3) fast, because it’s a compressed course. My poor brain is smoking from the effort most days.

But today, well, my brain is a bit sluggish. A couple of nights of sleeping poorly takes its toll quickly. As I said to one of my classmates, not enough caffeine in the world to get me through today.

Which is why I know I will have to re-read the 78 slides about losses and capacity before I can do any of the problems assigned. And I’m pretty sure I need this for my assignment.

Then Ethics. Two chapters. It really is the most painful class I have ever experienced. I somehow found myself caving in and agreeing to do two debates next week, even though my first NO was pretty emphatic. Sigh. I blame Ian. Our topics are:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is good for business – Pro
  • Whistleblowers are heroes – Con

Have I mentioned that I have never done a debate before? EVER?

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