Beer Fridge

I accompanied my beloved to Princess Auto last weekend, and saw a half-fridge (4.4 cu.ft.) on sale for a price even I could afford.

I should get me one of these,” I thought as I opened the door and thought about all the beer I could take out of the fridges in both of my current homes, leaving room for food. I walked away without buying, and we headed off to Stratford to do some work on and in the house. A few days later, I went to the Hamilton store, to find out that it’s scratch and dent surplus stock and so not in every store, but did I want the fridge they did have, a much smaller one for the same price?

Uh, no.

Back to Kitchener I went, and came home with this:

So much room! and everything is just the right temperature.

It’s kind of funny; this is my first purchase of anything even remotely like a major appliance, and it’s a beer fridge.

I feel like such a grown-up now.

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