Day 303

Today was the first class of Filtration, Carbonation and Finishing class, hereafter to be known as FCF. It was a bit of a flail as the instructor, Curtis, is new and was working off of course slides from 2012. Most of the information covered was review from Bio and Chem from last semester, with the first two lessons being covered in about 2 hours. Six hours are allocated, as it's a compressed double class. Curtis has all kinds of experience in brewing and got his Masters at Heriot-Watt with Rob, so I'm sure he's knowledgeable and will get in a groove.

I hope.


It was a costly day as I went for lunch with James to Iggy's in Fonthill. They had a Flying Monkeys tap takeover, and there were several interesting beers on tap although not it's usual wide selection. I had the Tart Knight, a dark sour, which was pretty tasty but a bit one-dimensional.

Later, I met more of my class at the Niagara Suppermarket for dinner. Lots of food trucks and a couple of breweries, wineries and cideries to choose from. I ended up selecting the Silversmith Black Lager again, and it went quite well with the chicken and waffles from El Gastronomo Vagabundo. Then home to dash off my online History assignment, arguing my case for why bottling and capping innovations were the most important beer-related invention of the industrial revolution. (Hint: portability, stability, streamlined produciton.

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