Day 308

Red wine, oh how I could love you.

If only you didn’t leave me with a bloody headache. Although, it’s nice to see you’ve eased up on the migraines, so I guess that’s something. At this rate, I should be able to drink you without hurting my brain sometime around 2030.

Yes, Sensory class was all about red wine. And food. There are worse ways to spend a Monday morning than eating steak and drinking a cab franc, the one red I would risk a headache for. So delicious.


There was no photo of the food; I was too busy eating it.


Some pretty lacklustre tasting notes.

Then on to History and a look at Prohibition both in the US and Canada. Makes me want to travel back in time and say thanks to the Temperance movement and stodgy white guys for the carry over-over of stupid Prohibition-era laws to modern society (no, not really).



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