Day 311

Today was as awesome as yesterday was frustrating.

I took my finished project beer, re-carbonated it, and bottled it. I MADE BEER!! And it is GOOD*!

I asked Jon at one point, if this feeling ever goes away, the feeling of accomplishment and deep satisfaction in creating a recipe and have it come out the other side exactly what you wanted. He laughed and said no.

And this is how I am reminded that I am in the right place. Curriculum, teaching, assignments, etc…whatever. It all comes down to this moment, the creation of something delicious that will make people happy.



50L keg of my beer ready for carbonation.


Filling the bell of the bottling machine


The first bottles!

IMG_20150716_152350 copy

My beer in the retail store!

IMG_20150716_152407 copy

and on tap!






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