Day 332

Brew day today; 7 of us showed up. I know it’s summer and all, but I don’t get why one would bail on what is hands-down the most useful course we are taking at this point.

Aaron put together a recipe for a wheat rye beer, and we ran it on three of the pilot systems. I brewed solo on a pilot for the first time which was great until I had to take a bio break.

I had to bail at 1, as I had a meeting with Gary Torraville, the associate dean of the CWFI umbrella that the brewing program falls under. I am mostly concerned about the lack of morale among the students, and the rise in course/professor/program bashing. We are unhappy and disillusioned, and it shows. If left unchecked, it does nothing but degrade the program and our learning’s value to future employers.

I can’t say it was a great meeting, but it was a good start. My┬ánext step is to draft a document with the issues (compressed courses, assessments, course resources, etc), and attach it to a Student Issue Thingy (I forget the actual name, but basically, once this is created and signed, it must be dealt with). There are a number of changes that will likely not happen in our time here; the wheels of change at the college level move even more slowly than at the high-school level. Frustrating to say the least.


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