Day 336

We finished this semester’s Sensory¬†with our beer cocktail presentations.¬†There were some really interesting combinations came out of our experimentations, and it makes me want to experiment more with beer as an ingredient.


Beer cocktail tasting.

Top row:

  • Champagne Supernova – prosecco and beer made it bubbly and dry
  • Red Sky at Night – my group’s concoction, using grilled strawberry puree, basil, cachaca, ginger liqueur and Weyebacher’s Tart Nouveau.
  • Farmhands Paradise – mango based. Not my favourite, but it won the tasting competition.

Bottom row:

  • Thomas More aka Rosie O’Dillon – this was lovely, with Dillon’s rose gin.
  • Mocha Beer Float – they used the NC Brewmaster Stout with chocolate ice cream and Kahlua. Nice smooth initial taste, but finished a bit too bitter and hot.
  • Bud’s Pink Lady – Bud Light, vodka and pink lemonade. I could see myself drinking too many of these on a hot summer day.


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