Day 338

There are times when being an adult means you go in the complete opposite direction of fun. Like last night, I left Ian’s place after dinner (and a few beers) to head home rather than hang around, drink more beer, and play Cards Against Humanity and generally get drunk and silly.

Why? Because I wanted to make sure I made it to FCF in the morning. Stupid adulting.

But I’m glad I made it. The first class looked at the wonderfulness that is barrel-aging. Got some great information, which was timely as I found out later that I am on the list for a small 10L barrel from Toronto Distillers that had had whisky and applejack in it. Now I know that flavour transfer will happen quickly as there is a higher proportion of barrel surface to volume, and that I need to wax the outside to prevent oxidation that might happen quickly in a barrel this size.

The second part was a “small topics” class. On the menu was freeze distillation (interesting), kettle souring (very interesting as making a Berliner Weisse is on the list of fun beers to make soon), dry hopping (more of a review), and about gluten free¬†brewing (seemed to be more of a discussion on celiac than on any real brewing strategies).

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