Road Trip

The Man: “Hey, it looks like we have 5 days off together over Thanksgiving. Want to go on a road trip down South? We can hit some of the breweries you’ve been mentioning in Asheville.”

Me: No response, as I was already packing.

Being all touristy at the Luray Caverns
Turns out it was Lickinghole Creek’s 2nd Anniversary
So new and shiny.
Draught at the bar, or to take home in crowlers or growlers
I would live at Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium if I could.
Our tour guide, Jesse, had lots of great info and even better beer to sample.
No time to try any Hi-Wire there, but took some stout home.


We had so much beer in the trunk by the end, I was getting paranoid about someone rear-ending us.

And a huge shout out to the Canada Customs guy who understood that it was homework….yeah, that’s it, homework.

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