Cask Days 2015

Three sessions (one as volunteer, two as drinker).
I tried 43 different casks according to my notes.


  • the white chocolate stout and blueberry sour by Blood Brothers in Toronto. I might have to venture to the west end more often.
  • Hanlan’s Point, a bourbon barrel porter with coconut and coffee, a collab between Great Lakes and Bar Hop
  • Trou de Diable’s Ze Blend on whiskey oak chips, a most delicious sour.
  • Dieu de Ciel’s Tamarind Gose and Solstice D’Hiver barleywine. Sweet merciful heaven, both were so good.
  • So many awesome conversations!


  • I was so damned happy to see Amsterdam had El Jaguar back that I didn’t notice that it was minus the chilis this time. It turned out to be way too thick and sweet for my taste without the heat to balance it out and give it some dimension.
  • Speaking of thick and sweet – Bellwood’s 3 Minutes to Midnight. I still wish I’d got a few bottles to age as I think it would mellow nicely after a year or two.
  • Saturday afternoon session in general. All the casks are now tapped Friday afternoon, and many of the good ones had already run out through word of mouth by mid-session. The weather pushed everyone under cover, which made it hard to get around.

Near the end of Friday afternoon.


I actually got a chance to play one of the Get Well’s machines Friday night.


This guy from WVRST and his searzall was a huge hit.


Fun way to spend a Friday night.


Hope I don’t lose these before next year’s.

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