Advent Calendar 2015

Advent Box after the swap
 It was with great trepidation that I signed up for the GTA Brews Advent Calendar. Even though I am in the brewmaster program, most of these people have way better homebrew game than I do. Dedicated space, keezers, fermentation fridges – most of them have way better toys.  

But I decided what the hell, and did it anyway. I needed to do a second trial of the chai winter warmer, so bought bottles and supplies, and bit the bullet.

Everything went well, until time for fermentation. My fermentation chamber is a space under a kitchen counter…no temperature control there. It’s normally 18-20C in the space, and normally gives good results even though a little on the warm side for most yeast. 


I could not have anticipated a highly unseasonal warm front just after the building turned off the air conditioning. The temperature under the cupboard got closer to 24-26C.


I opened my beer on December 2nd with everyone else, and was disappointed but not surprised to taste bananas phenols. Dammit. 

Some people still liked it, saying the spice blend was nice and robust. Others weren’t keen, citing too much spice, and said they dumped it.

I was in the latter group. 

Edit: I now have this. Suck it, fermentation off-flavours!

New-to-me fermentation fridge


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