2 month recap

Short version:

I finished school successfully, and am now working full time at Magnotta Brewery as Assistant Brewer.

Long version:

Holy crap, I finished school!

The beer festival went very well even though we missed our attendance target and had a few issues. My beer was voted by attendees as Best in Show,  my home brews won second and third in their categories, and I was highlighted in the St. Catharines paper write up about Project Brew. There were some truly great recipes from my classmates. I snagged as many cans as I could of their brews, only to be disappointed a month later when all showed signs of unplanned tartness.
Classes were finished, lab work finished, reports created and exams written. 


Kat’s 9 Lives display.


My beer placed well

On the last day, some of us headed to Blue Monk for dinner before meeting everyone at the Presidential Suite in EmbassySuites for a final party before we all headed our separate ways. I did not have as much fun as I wanted to thanks to a combination of being overtired, old and perhaps a tad hormonal. I need to learn that naps are not a sign of weakness.

I started working more hours at Trafalgar, but after a few weeks some of the applications I’d sent out early got some nibbles. I decided to take a position at Magnotta as Assistant Brewer for a number of reasons – learning opportunities, salary, commute time, benefits – the usual stars nicely aligned.

It’s been interesting finding the gaping holes in the curriculum at Niagara. Take filtration for example. A class on DE filters is in no way good preparation for learning to control something with that many valves.


I refuse to say how long it took me to master this


I’ve been thinking about this blog and what to do with it. Not sure anymore why I’m writing it or who it’s for. It started as a way to augment my portfolio for the Brewmaster program application, then a way to document the learning. Now that the program is finished, well we’ll have to see.

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