I’m a BJCP Judge!

It took all of two days from receiving my BJCP test results to get some judging gigs. I needed just one more experience point to get to the Certified level. I was able to get in on one of the judging nights for the Ontario Brewing Awards, and judged Bohemian Pils, Amber Lager and Vegetable categories.

OBA’s, vegetable category

The next weekend, I went with Eric Cousineau, Brandi Lee MacDonald and Victor North to Buffalo to judge the Amber Waves of Grain competition. They did the judging differently than I’m used to, but it’s a format that I definitely prefer – get one beer at a time to taste, judge and discuss rather than the full flight all at once.

A room full of beer judges
I may have been a tad bored at the banquet.

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