Germany, day 1


Enchanting. Delightful. Charming. Lovely. Inviting. Quaint.

All of these describe Freising to a tee. On a Sunday afternoon, words like sleepy, quiet and dead also describe it. One thing I was to learn about German is that their lifestyle is a far cry from the North American convenience/consumer culture that I am used to. I loved it.

We landed on a Sunday, and walked downtown to grab something to eat after we checked into Gastof Lerner. Almost everything was closed (including the ice cream place with Hefe Weissbier gelato), but we stumbled on Spaten – Schanke, a small restaurant owned by an older husband and wife team. He poured the beer while she waited tables and cooked. I ordered leberkase, something that is a cross between meatloaf and bologna, and a dunkel. I had my first taste of what a German beer should taste like, and got to see what a “mousse-like head” was supposed to look like.

We wandered around the town for a bit, exploring and o0o-ing and aah-ing over everything. I went for a solo walk later around the hotel, and came across my new dream-house beside the Moosach River.

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