Learn 2 Brew

My friend Virginie and I had been batting the idea of a women’s only learn to brew event around for a while, and after a conversation with Nick at Brew North we set one up through eventbrite.

There were messages back and forth about marketing on social media, and how to promote it. We feared not getting enough women interested. Imagine our surprise when we sold out after a few days.


Day 1 – mashing in

We had nine women show up, of varying demographics. And we had fun. There were lots of questions and answers and laughs.


Day 2, two weeks later, getting ready to bottle.

Two weeks later, we all met again for bottling. As we finished, I asked some questions about how they thought it went. There had been some heated discussions on some Facebook boards about women, brewing and general feminism, and I was curious if the supportive, all-women environment was in fact what women wanted. Short answer – yes.

All of them loved the open atmosphere, how all of their questions were answered fully and respectfully, and all felt that they had enough confidence to go and buy ingredients. And make more beer.


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