Bottling day

I’m not sure what I expected when I opened up the pail that had been under for my counter for two weeks. I think I’d built up my errors in my head so much that I wouldn’t have been surprised to find a pail of green mold.

Thankfully, there was no mold. What I found instead was a liquid the colour of dark honey that smelled of windfall apples that have fermented on the ground of the orchard, yeasty and sweet. It smelled so good. This, I thought, is not the smell of something that has gone bad. It made me hungry.

20131117-180413.jpgI watched more videos on YouTube about bottling. I read the instructions that came with the kit and got everything ready. 

Everything got sanitized, including the counter. I cleaned and sanitized six of the 750ml swing-top bottles I’d gotten from Three Brewers, but it turned out I only needed three. I think I was a bit short on the liquid I’d poured into the pail, and then I had a small mishap with the siphon; I thought it was in the bottle, but it was actually sending everything right down the sink.


So in the end, I have three 750ml bottles of what will hopefully be White House Honey Ale. I am (im)patiently waiting for the first taste test in two weeks.

I’m also planning my next batch; the Mocha Stout from True Brews looks pretty good. I’ve researched it and can get all the beery ingredients from Toronto Brewing, I just need to get a grain mill as inexpensively as possible from somewhere. The recipe also calls for cocoa nibs, which means I’ll have to make another visit to Soma Chocolate. Always good to have an excuse to head there!



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