Catching up

It’s been a while.

I went to Hamilton yesterday to meet Renee and Robert at Merit Brewing, a new place in my old hometown. As we sat┬átalking and drinking, I wondered why I’ve stopped writing. Other than captions on Instagram or Facebook, I haven’t played with words at all. My novel is languishing, I’m carrying around a notebook that is still empty 3 months after purchasing it (except for a grocery list), and the last post here was February.

I can’t get back the time I’ve lost dicking around on social media, hitting refresh to see what I’m missing and to watch the dumpster fire that is my neighbour to the south. But I can say enough, and devote myself to things I like doing. Like writing. And making beer.


Since the last time I wrote, I’ve changed jobs. I’m now at Brunswick Bierworks, a contract production facility much closer to home – I’ve exchanged the 40+ minutes on the 401/400 highways to about 10 minutes, and spend as much on gas in a month as I did in a week. I’ve got about 5-10 hours of my life back, to spend with my beloved, doing things, watching Netflix and not writing.

The new gig is mostly good – as with all jobs, there are pluses and minuses. Mostly pluses. The equipment is new, and everyone is still working the kinks out after a recent rapid expansion. We’re busy, and have just gone to 24/7 12-hour shifts. Not sure how I feel about working those kinds of hours yet….I’ll let you know.

The oh-so-shiny Newlands 50hl system that I spend most of my time on.
The 20hl “pilot” system. I’ve only spent 2 shifts on it so far, but enough to know it’s much more fun.


It’s getting harder and harder to shake my hermit mode. Yay for being an introvert with some social anxiety! I force myself to make plans, and then force myself to not cancel at the last moment. And guess what? I have fun.

And I definitely had fun yesterday. I went to a new bar, talked to the brewer, met my friends, and drank some really good beer (the Berlinner Weisse with rhubarb syrup was delicious!). The other beers I had were very impressive, but I was disappointed that there were no dark beers on tap yet. Will definitely go back once the milkshake stout is done!


Home brewing has faltered somewhat. I made a few experiments with leftover wort kits from Magnotta – a blonde ale with Escarpment Lab’s Wild Thing yeast and a brown ale with roasted hazelnuts in secondary. I was very pleased with both of them. The blonde fermented down to 1.002, but isn’t boozy or dry. It has a really ┬ánice apple / saison flavour going on that I think I’ll replicate. I used raw hazelnuts and slow roasted them as per Clayton Hoy’s tips on the GTA Brews forum. The head retention was perfect, but next time I’ll chop the nuts a bit finer to get more flavour out of them.

Right now I have a wheat beer in the fermenter that should have been bottled a week or so ago. I am not a fan of bottling day. Maybe I can convince Keith to assist tomorrow and get it out of the way.

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