On giving offense

Some days I can’t help but fall down the Instagram rabbit hole. I don’t know how I got there, alick on someone who just followed me, a hashtag that seems intriguing, a place that looks lovely, whatever. And whammo, there I am looking at something that makes me angry.


I get that there are still troglodytes who post pictures of scantily clad women, and beer dudes who use sexism to generate likes. I don’t like it and I really cant wait for people to evolve already, but I get it. What I don’t get is that someone using a brewery’s official account would add to those likes. I can only assume/hope that they had a temporary madness that made them forget who/what the represent.

I took the advice of a twitter follower, took some screenshots and showed them to someone from the brewery. To his credit, he immediatly sent off an email to the powers-that-be who remedied the situation.

That’s the good part.

The not so good part is the email the powers-that-be sent back, that started with “I’m sorry you were offended….”

Way to put the blame ball in my court. I got angry all over again.

Instead of making it sound like I’m the one with the problem, like I’m the thin-skinned one, how about saying, “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate/offensive/disrespectful”?

Or am I just splitting hairs? The thought was there, right?


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