#brewerlife update

It has been 98 days since I brewed professionally. I’ve made several home brews since being the victim of Side Launch’s restructuring, but it’s not the same. It barely scratches the itch.

35hL vs 20L

I miss it. A lot. I walk into a brewery and take a deep breath and yearn to walk up to the brew house. My fingers itch to mill, to CIP, to brew. I don’t though; it’s not my house and it’s really bad form. Plus I’ll look like a bit of a loon to those who don’t feel the same way about beer that I do.

Tomorrow though, I get to brew. I’m hoping it will lead to a job offer, but honestly, I’m more excited to work on a brewhouse again than I am nervous about a day-long interview. I’m as giddy as a child the night before Christmas. I can’t wait!

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