Prud’homme Beer Specialist, session 4

Draught was the lesson for today, and I think the main thing I learned from it is that I am never ordering draught again unless it’s from a place that takes their beer more seriously than the corner sports bar. Does that make me sound like a beer snob? I’m trying to avoid that. It really is no biggie as I am not inclined to to to my corner sports bar to drink anyway.

Also wrote a test on history, and got the test on ingredients, fermentation and ageing/packaging back that we wrote the week before. I am so focused on getting this grade 12 chemistry done that both tests caught me unprepared. So imagine my surprise to find I got 13/15 on the first one! Not sure how that happened…obviously more things are settling in my memory than I’d thought.

Sensory Evaluation:

Style - Brown AleNewcastle, 4.7%Black Oak Nut Brown, 5%
Appearancemahogany, brunette, quick headcocoa, nut, wood
Aromacereal, brown sugar, raisins, root beercocoa, hazelnut - Ferrero Rocher
Tastesweet, honey, cracker/toastpumpernickel, molasses
Finish thin, quickdry, quick
Style - PorterLondon Porter, 5.4%Black Oak Porter, 5%
Appearancemahogany, red tintmahogany, red tint
Aromacoffee, vanillacherry, chocolate
Tastetoast, wood, walnutcherry cola, molasses
Finish dry, creamylonger finish, creamy
Style - StoutLost City, 8-Ball 5.8%Mill Street Cobblestone Draught, 6.5%
Appearancemahogany, quick headmahogany
Aromacurrant, fruitcake, vanilla, datessmoke
Tastelicorice, fruitcake, warmingmild, not complex
Finish softthin, creamy
Style - Imperial StoutWellington Imperial Stout, 8%Dragon Foreign Extra Stout, 7.5%
Appearanceblack, dark black cherry pop
Aromabanana marshmallows, datescherry, red fruit, spiced rum
Tastesmoke, dates, molassescherry pie, almond extract
Finish smooth, bittercreamy, smooth

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