Brew Day – Abbey Ale Test Brew

One of the first beer brewing books I bought was True Brews by Emma Christensen. I had found her blog by searching the internet for 1-gallon brewing and immediately started following her. The book was exactly what I needed, as most books that I saw in my local book store were primarily about larger batches. Plus, the thought of making my own sodas, cider or mead eventually also intrigued me.

Emma announced late last year that she is working on a new book of 1-gallon recipes focusing only on beer, and was looking for test brewers. I thought about it for all of ten seconds before sending an email saying sign me up!

I got the recipe for an abbey ale last week. I made a visit to new store the next day, and planned for the brew when my beloved was working – he’s not as keen on the smells of brewing as I am. I even broke down the steps in her email and created a checklist so I wouldn’t forget something like last time. And the time before that.


The steps laid out in her recipe were very detailed and clear, and before I knew it  my checklist was complete and I was pouring a lovely copper-orange liquid into my fermentation bucket.

Now to wait. Beer-making is certainly teaching me much about patience.

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