Candied Ginger

I’ve been doing a bit of web design work lately, and one of my new clients is my writing coach, Chris of Firefly Creative Writing. I’ve been on a few of her amazing writing retreats, where she plies us with home made delights like strawberry scones and ginger-almond granola.

The ginger granola is delicious, and so I decided to try and make a candied ginger ale, a slightly modified recipe from Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Book (I omitted the cloves. Cloves are evil.). I even made a little movie, where I learned that I really need to start turning the phone sideways for video. Sigh.

It smelled so incredible while it was brewing. I’m going to have to make more – next time, I’m going to toast the spent grains for her to use in the granola!

Grind, brew, cool, ferment.

Now to wait 4-6 weeks to try the Firefly Ginger Ale

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