Prud’homme Beer Specialist, session 8

Tonight was the last class for level 2; I’m going to miss this. There’s been a lot of grumbling about the amount of work, with the tests, essays, etc. Me, I didn’t mind…I’d rather have too many assessments than too few.

Speaking of assessments, we got our tasting evaluation assignment and essay back – I was surprised by perfect marks. Surprised because I didn’t think I’d come anywhere closed to that.


Our last tasting session covered aged beers. Through a happy accident, Roger had acquired a big selection of aged Unibroue beers, my favourite brewery.

Aged Unibroue beers
Aged Unibroue beers
Style - aged UnibroueEphemere Pomme, 5.5%Maudite, 8%
Appearancecloudy, lemoncloudy, buckwheat honey
Aromaapple cider, lemon, underlying cheesemarshmallow, fig, vanilla, raisin, ginger
Tasteapple sauce, cheddar, a bit sourdates, figs, chocolate orange, ginger, nutmeg
Finishsoft mouthfeel, quick finish, slight fruit after tastewarming, silky, little carbonation


Style - Aged vs. FreshTrois Pistole, 8%, freshTrois Pistole, 8%, aged
Appearancecloudy, dark chocolatecloudy, dark chocolate
Aromachocolate, raisin, unripe melon, sour cherrywine/boozy, rum soaked raisins, sour/astringent
Tasteclove, corianderwarming, chocolate, tart
Finishquick finishchampagne effervescence

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