Prud’homme Beer Specialist, last class

Our last class was fun. Well, fun after the final exam, I mean. I don’t know anyone who calls finals fun, even if said final is 50 multiple choice. No idea how I did other than well enough to pass the course. I was playing with the idea of taking the third level, the beer sommelier, but that depends on money and my acceptance to Niagara so we’ll see.

After the test, Roger set us up with a blind tasting. It was harder than I expected as unlike at the OBA judging, we were not give styles or the handy dandy judging sheet. I was able to guess two of the five styles, the smoked porter and the heffeweissen, as they are styles that are pretty obvious. I guessed at the remaining three but was only close, but no cigar.

Many of us went out after to the Loose Moose to celebrate over a few. I wish I could remember some of what I drank, but it got a little blurry. I do remember Tom breaking out his La Morsure by Trou de Diable which was so delicious it was dispatched in short order.

I am going to miss the class.

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