Toronto Beer Fest

Honestly, how am I even mobile after yesterday? It’s a mystery. I wonder at my constitution when I think of how much beer I drank (16 tokens worth), how little water I drank (um, none), and how I forgot the time-tested preemptive 1-2-4 remedy before bed (1 big glass of water, 2 pieces of buttered toast, 4 Advils). Perhaps this is one of the side benefits of middle age that they don’t tell you about.

I had a wonderful time at the Toronto Festival of Beer Spring session. I got there around three, and luckily caught the last of Tennessee Voodoo Coupe’s set. I had read that a reggae band was playing (shudder, not my genre at all), so to walk in to good rockabilly was a very pleasant surprise.

I started with a Beau’s Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale, and loved the crisp freshness of citrus and hops. The next sample was a Black Pepper Saison from Big Rig. Holy smokin’ moley, this hit my taste buds just right – great balance, smooth, subtle, highly drinkable. So drinkable in fact that I had it three more times during the course of the evening. The guys at Big Rig were great to talk to and were super sweet, cheerfully dumping what tasted like ginger-spiced bandaids from another brewery that shall remain nameless, and re-filling with their amber goodness.

Other beers of note were

There were a few missteps too, like the overly sweet berry beer from Flying Monkeys, and the aforementioned ginger-spiced bandaid beer. We shall not speak of them again.

The best part of the day was hanging out with Jen who I had met in the Prud’homme Level One class. We get along like a house on fire (what an odd analogy, now that I think of it), and she brought some of her friends who I hope to see again.

There was much laughter as we talked about beer, motorcycles, knitting, cottages, men, how you know you’re a grown up when you buy your first couch and/or real bed, and the weird things that happen to you as you get older. The time flew.

Fun to hang out with!
You can't take your beer into the smoking area.
You can’t take your beer into the smoking area.
Backlit black pepper saison from Big Rig
Backlit black pepper saison from Big Rig


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