Long weekend

My beloved and I made the 4-hour trek north to my nephew’s cottage near Killarney for the long weekend. I love it there because not only am I blessed with family that I like hanging around with, the cottage is completely unplugged and off the grid so we can all focus on enjoying our surroundings and time with each other.

My favourite part of going up there is sitting in this chair on the dock and talking with my family:

dock chair

Best seat in the house

while watching sunsets like this:


This has not been PhotoShopped in any way.

and drinking beers like these:

Left Field Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale: This was the big hit. We all liked the nutty and malt notes, and wondered why I didn’t bring more of this.

Local 7 Session Saison: Still not loving it. As my brother said, it’s nice but it doesn’t make me want another glass of it

Missions Springs Bombshell Blonde: tasty but not exceptional. Great with snacks on the dock.

White House Honey Ale (homebrew): I was not impressed with this when I first tried it in December. All of the harsh notes I remember have mellowed and made a drinkable beer. Again, everyone wondered why I didn’t bring more.

Mill Street Spring Thaw Maple Ale: I was surprised at how much I like this. The maple is a low sweet note at the beginning that’s nicely offset by a slight bitter finish. Much nicer IMHO than other maple beers I’ve tried with a heavy cloying finish.

Mill Street Portage Ale: “Pretty mild but thirst quenching” was the campfire consensus.


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  1. Was/Is this the cottage that was for rent? If still I am still interested. Let me know!!

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