Session Toronto

Once again, I waffled until the last minute to buy a ticket to a beer event that I pretty much knew I was going to go to anyway. I let the price point change my mind every time I went to buy a ticket online but finally sucked it up when I read of the beer collaborations that would be presented there.

I had a great time. It wasn’t as busy as I’d expected it to be, nor as hot. There were no crowds to weave through and while Dundas Square is in a bit of a concrete fishbowl, it becomes nicely shaded once the sun dips below the skyline.

I ran into Jenn Shute, who was there manning the SOBDL booth, and stayed to say hello. We ended up running into each other pretty often, comparing beers and trying new ones. I went around and introduced myself to any of the Toronto brewmasters who had responded to my survey to say a personal thank-you and talked with many of them extensively. I got a chance to talk to Nate Ferguson a bit about the Brewmaster program and to Paul from Flying Monkeys about how tasty Chocolate Manifesto is at the end of a night. I ran into a few people that I’d met at during the Prud’homme classes.

And I got to drink some great beer.

Once again, I forgot to write down or otherwise note everything I drank, but a few of the standouts for me were the Indie Ale House/Indie 88 cherry saison collaboration and Snowy Howell, a white IPA by Muskoka. There were a lot of other ones that were notable, and I know that I liked them, but alas, drunken middle-age brain failed me again.


Taken while I still remembered to take photos.


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