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Keith was working Canada Day, so I was very happy to finally connect with the guys from Great Lakes Brewery to work the Brewer’s Backyard for them. It was held in one of the galleries of the Brickworks, a space I really enjoy.

The theme for this Backyard event was the Group of Seven, and they had seven vendors in total: 4 breweries (GLB, Nickelbrook, Left Field and Oast House), one cider provider (Spirit Tree) and two food vendors (Kanga Meatpies and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch). I did get to introduce myself to Mandie at Left Field to thank her for her help with my survey, but I didn’t really get a chance to see any of the other breweries or try any of their wares.

The most Canadian picture I could possibly take.

The most Canadian picture I could possible take.

I was pouring Audrey Hopburn Belgian IPA, Chill Winston Grisette and the newly re-branded Canuck Pale Ale. When the Audrey Hopburn ran out, we switched to Red Leaf Lager. Out of the four, I’d have to say the Red Leaf appealed the most to my taste buds which will take sweet malt over bitter hops any day. I’m definitely in the minority on a hot humid day, judging by how many chose the Audrey Hopburn and Canuck.

I’d have to say the turnout was underwhelming. The city had pretty much emptied on Friday, and it showed here. The heat, humidity and lack of ice were drawbacks as the beer on tap foamed and took forever to pour.

But it was fun. I got to talk to people who love beer, learned a bit, and laughed a lot. It was  a family event, and just watching kids run around the gallery and play in the puddles made me smile. A good day well spent, as me dad would have said.

girl in puddle

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