Day 8

I had only one class today, well, two really if you count the computer applications class. I finished the PowerPoint section online already and am planning on making the class only once before the test, and that’s just to make sure my login works there. I decided to ride the motorbike in for math class, exploring some new-to-me backroads. Good thing I gave myself plenty of time – my commute was almost an hour, but oh so much more enjoyable than the highway!

I ran into Rob while grabbing a much-needed coffee at the school. Rob is one of the full-time brewers in the teaching brewery. I asked him how long the porter took on the craft system; he said that Tanner finally got out of the brewery around 6:30. It seems there were a few factors that affected the slow sparge:

  • too much grain at the beginning and not enough water, making it too thick
  • adding as much water as we did later may have compacted the grains under the weight of the water
  • poor stirring – we didn’t move the grains at the bottom enough, so they bonded together
  • the dark malt might have been too old

I’m planning on going in on Friday morning to see if I can make myself useful around the brewery and learn more about the equipment. Yes, I’ve been doing home brewing like everyone else, but there’s a world of difference between a one-gallon batch and systems at the teaching brewery. I know better than to compare my experiences and knowledge with everyone else’s, but still feel like I’m coming from behind.


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  1. Loving your posts. I get to learn stuff vicariously!

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