Day 10

I didn’t have to go to Intro to Brewing as they were going over SmartServe certification, which I already have. Instead, I put some insoles in my rubber boots (my feet went aaahh) and went to the brewery to see if there was anything I could do there.

Bottling. Bottling was what I could do there. From keg to bottles to box in several easy steps

  1. Grab a box of new bottles off the skid. Find out immediately that they are upside down and the tops are not sealed. First one was dodgy, but I didn’t drop any.
  2. Take ’em out of the box and stick them in the label machine one at a time.
  3. Disinfect them by spraying ozonated water in each on, then put on the rack to drip dry
  4. Put bottles in the filler, 4 at a time. Close the guards, pressurize the bottles, fill, pressurize again. Remove from the filler.
  5. Put a sanitized cap on.
  6. Wipe off bottle.
  7. Put in box. Label box with style and date.

Label, fill, cap, finished

There was more to it than just that and it’s got me thinking already of ways that it could be set up more efficiently. I will have to be shown again how to attach the keg and shown a few times how to flush and clean the filler. But honestly, I loved it, being able to hold a finished product in my hands.

We also had our first sensory evaluation class, where Ray introduced us to the 5 basic tastes (sweet, sour, salt, bitter, unami), and had us do tastings of doctored water and beer. What does it say about my taste buds that I liked the sour? Even the citric acid doctored beer tasted more appealing than the one with sugar added. Of course, the control glass was the best of all *grin.


They look so innocent.

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  1. Uhhh… because sour beer rocks?
    I love sweet beers for a few sips after I’ve put the rest in to make food of some sort, but my first love is a tart gueuze.

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