Days 13 and 14

I’m starting to fall behind already. My blogging priorities fall somewhere after classes, assignments and work but before online PowerPoint tutorials. I’ve decided that I’m only going to write in detail about the beer classes; not even I care that much about the math or communications classes at the moment.

Monday morning means Ingredients at 8:30. In the morning. I am starting to loathe my alarm even though I really only hear it 3 mornings a week.

Back to Ingredients. More PowerPoint slides, more information about hops, focussing on growing, cultivating and breeding hops, and on hop products like pellets and extracts. I made many notes that echo what is on the PowerPoint slides as a way to focus and remember information for the test next week. That reminds me, I need to memorize these formulas for the test as we’ll have to make hop weight and IBU calculations:

  • Wg = (Vol x Cg x IBU) / (U% x AA% x 1000)
  • IBU  = (Wg x U% x AA% x 1000) / (Vol x Cg)
  • Cg = 1 + [(Gboil – 1.050)/.2]

I kind of amazes me that 1) I (mostly) know what that all means and 2) I find it fun.

The next beer-related class was Brew Day in the Brewery. Being in the brewery makes me giddy. I find myself grinning for no apparent reason and saying YAY loudly when things I do work the way they’re supposed to. The guys must think I’m a loony.

We were working on the smaller pilot systems to make a dunkelweizen in pairs or trios. We had only one small mishap, a slight boilover that happened in the 60 seconds I turned my back. Of course.




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