Day 20

Monday was the day of the first big test, all about hops in Ingredients class. If I said I was panicking a bit would be an understatement.

I jammed in whatever studying I could during the weekend, whenever I wasn't working. Between work and studying, I had all of four hours all weekend to hang out with Keith. Not enough! I am re-thinking my 'take whatever work I can” ethic. Work is important so I don't dip into my RSP's too much, but I'd rather do that than have no time for relationships or school work.

Back to the test. Thanks to a study sheet shared by Alberto, one of my classmates, I was able to organize the information better which helped me on the test. I had made a decision to not to try and remember some of the more technical information to better concentrate on the bigger concepts, which meant that I had to leave 2 questions blank and guess on a third. I *think* I did well….we'll have to see.

A bunch of us went out after our last class to Kully's, a new sports bar in St. Catharines. I had a couple of glasses of the Oast House Barnraiser, which hit the spot perfectly. There was much laughter, just what I needed.


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