Day 36

There were no classes today (thank you, oh schedule gods!) so I caught up on sleep and homework until mid-afternoon when I headed to the school for beer club.

I had put my name in the hat to be the class rep for beer club, and was kind of surprised to find I’d been picked. A little sad too, as that meant that I was no longer able to apply for the Caps, Corks and Forks team. C’est la vie.

Beer club is broken into two parts, the first being the free part where some students bring in homebrew for a group tasting. I have to say that the stand-out homebrew was a milk stout by Nick, one of my classmates; smooth and rich with some great vanilla and caramel notes.

The second part of beer club comes with a small fee of about $5. Tonight was an Oktoberfest theme with a great spread of Oktoberfest German food prepared by the chef school – far more food than I had anticipated. Think dinner rather than canapes.

For the beers, Hugh and Nate had put together a selection of imported Oktoberfest beer as well as the Oktoberfest 4-pack from Beau’s. Once those had been opened and presented, leftovers from the last beer club came out. And this is where I learned that I quite like Saison du Pump by Great Lakes, even though I am not a huge pumpkin beer fan.


Some of what I sampled


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