Day 42

Brewery day! I <3 Tuesdays!

It was our turn on the pilot systems, where we made a historical Czech beer called Pivo Grodziskie. It was made entirely with smoked wheat; I am intrigued by what this is going to taste like.

As well as brewing, we were putting the finishing touches on our midterm for this class where we were asked to create a Standard Operating Procedures manual for the pilot system in under 500 words. My editing skills got a real workout – my initial draft was about 1200 words. I gave up at 507 words (a copy is here if you want to see just how spare my writing can get when it has to). They said nothing about pictures, so I added one to make it easier to understand. Did I mention that we were getting marked by our peers as they use our instructions to make beer in upcoming classes? Yikes.

The unlabeled pilot system


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