Days 55 to 59

The week ran away without me again, what can I say. It wasn’t helped by being sick on Thursday and then having to get an emergency root canal on Friday. Yay.

Day 55

Ingredients class, and the dreaded mid-term. Other than the fact that I think I passed, I have no idea how I did. I did well on the multiple choice (I <3 multiple choice!) and short answer questions (I think), but there was a bit of a curveball in one section with hop analysis that could go either way. I could look it up to check, but am operatingĀ in ignorance is blissĀ mode.

There was still an hour left of the class after the mid-term, and Kevin began the unit on barley by identifying the various parts of the barley kernel.

Day 56

I spent the day on the craft side of the brewery, the first time since the first class. Jamie Shillow was in making her red ale, and I was able to help the process by stirring, moving hoses and valves, and mucking out the spent grain. There is quite a bit of wait time in the process, and I asked a tonne of questions.

Day 59

I was still feeling the effects of the ick that made me stay in bed the day before,making me a bit slow to get Intro. But I made sure to take lots of notes as the guest speaker was Paddy (sp) from PCM to talk about equipment and food-grade stainless steel. This apparently will be critical to know for the final assignment which is to plan and layout a brewery on paper based on certain parameters.

After Intro was Sensory. We got our mid-terms back (did better than I expected, insert rejoicing here), and we spent the first part of class going over them. Then we moved on to talk about sugars in malt, and got everything set up to brew malts in french presses for sensory evaluation. Unfortunately by this time, my molar was giving me major attitude, and I spent the break calling around to find a dentist still open somewhere between the school and Toronto. Luckily I found one, but it meant I had to bail on the rest of the class. I’m glad I did; I don’t think I could have lasted much longer at that rate. Nothing says fun Friday night like an expensive emergency dental visit. Sigh.

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