Day 62 – Monday, Nov 3

I always really hated it when students whined about having a tedious class first thing Monday morning, and am trying to avoid following in their footsteps. But Ingredients class is a struggle; lots of detailed information is read almost word-for-word from powerpoint presentations without a lot of context other than “this will be on the test so remember it”. What about the rest of the material? Can we ignore it if it’s not in bold, and therefore not on the test? No? I didn’t think so, so why bother highlighting only parts of it for the sole reason that we’ll be tested on it.

Yes, you can say I am finding the teaching in this course problematic. And frustrating. Sigh.

We got back our hop product assignment, and I found that somehow my paper was worth 88%. I wish I knew what the rubric or marking scheme was so I could figure out what I did right and where I went wrong.

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