Day 78 – Wednesday Nov 19

Last few weeks have slipped past in a bit of a blur. Lots of work and mental reorganization while I see if it’s possible for me to handle the workload, work two jobs, spend time with my beloved and maybe possibly see friends. And I dunno, maybe do some knitting or read a book for fun.

The answer is, not really. Last weekend, I missed the Toronto Roller Derby End of Season party because of work, since the responsible adult part of my brain decided that eating next week was more desired than partying for one night. My inner 22-year-old is very disappointed in my inner adult.

I also did not spend Sunday with Keith as planned as I had an assignment in Comm due (see below) AND a test in Ingredients on Monday. We had a conversation about school and life, and agreed once more that the long term awesomeness is worth some short term sacrifices.

And learning some budgeting techniques. Holy crap, am I ever bad at budgeting. Well, let me correct that; I am amazing at creating a budget (currently on version 3), but am less that stellar at sticking to said budget. I am, as always, really good with spending.


Oh, speaking of Keith, look at what he made me:


Custom made wort chiller

I had mentioned last weekend that I wanted to increase my home brew production, but know that 5 gallons is still a bit much considering the size of the apartment and my thirst. I’ve been looking at what I would need if I just doubled my production to a whopping 2 gallons. I think I’m good for everything except maybe a bigger carboy, and was looking at how much a wort chiller would cost that would fit in my 3 gallon stock pot. The price was enough to make rethink the ice-bath-in-the-sink method, and next thing I know I get the above picture by text with the caption, I made you a present.  I love it! Some girls like gifts of clothes and jewelry; I am not some girls.

Last night I was in the grips of one of those moods, and hit upon the best beer/food pairing ever. It evened out the hormone roller coaster quite nicely.



One can never have too much chocolate

One can never have too much chocolate

Oh, and here’s the Comm assignment – we had to create a set of instructions for a task, and made these beer journals since I was thinking about combining sewing with bookbinding somehow anyway. Now to tweak the prototypes into something a bit more sturdy and useful.

Tools & materials


Process and final product


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