Day 80 – Friday, Nov. 21

This was the second early morning sensory class. My system is just not sure about ingesting beer before the coffee has even had a chance to wake me up yet. It will get used to it just in time for the semester to be over and the schedule to be shifted around.

It was all about hops this morning, and we rubbed, smelled and tasted the noble hops (Hallertau, Tettnang, Saaz and Spalt) and near-noble hops (East Kent Goldings, Syrian Goldings, Hallertau Herbrucker and Fuggles. My favourite is Fuggles – I like its earthy and slightly floral notes the best. Plus,I like to say Fuggles. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say or think Fuggles without a little inner giggle.

Intro to Brewing was next, and we had Mark Murphy from Left Field as a guest speaker, talking about the trials and tribulations of contract brewing and then of building a brewery. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done, and so glad there is more east end beer action! It was a quick presentation; we went over past tests and assignments afterward and had a chance to voice any concerns about the program so far. The slightly scattered nature of the curriculum was discussed, how we learned hops first thing in one class, four weeks ago in another and just now in Sensory. I also mentioned concerns about the lack of detail in the midterm assignment which was basically one sentence, with no indication of how it was being assessed.

Jon took all our concerns and issues seriously and agreed to do what he could in terms of scheduling, and to give more detail in assignments. So we’ll see.

I did get my midterms back in Intro and Basic, and did well even though the vagueness completely stressed me out.

Early class dismissal was appreciated, so I could rush home to sit on on the QEW, the Gardiner and then on Overlea. Finally got home at 6-ish. The novelty has definitely worn off of commuting.

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