Day 84 – Tuesday, Nov. 24

On the craft side today, which means more bottling and labelling after the mash is prepared. I’m getting really good with the label machine.

The other group was making an oyster stout on the pilot system, and we had Chef Peter Blakeman come in with some lovely PEI oysters (I think he said they were Malpeques, but I could be wrong). He told me the best oysters to look for were “a D cup in a C cup bra”, meaningĀ a nice, deeply rounded shell will have the plumpest oysters. We got to sample them raw, and then later after they had been poached in the sweet stout wort. So incredibly delicious.

Plus, it was finals for the chef school, so we got to go and scavenge the leftovers – empanadas, Jamaican patties and an incredible Moroccan chicken dish with cinnamon, almonds and eggs. Free lunch, FTW!

Oysters after being in the mash for an hour.

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