Day 87 – Friday, Nov. 28

Fist period: Sensory Evaluation. Oh, how I love sensory; tasting ingredients and beer in a class is making me the envy of my friends and family.

I think I’d love it a lot more if I could tell the difference between peppery and piney at 9:30 in the morning. If there were more than two classes left, I’d start doing experiments with my alarm clock to find out just how long I need to be awake for my taste buds to connect to my brain.

Second period: Intro. Jon took us through some information on packaging followed by a presentation from someone at Sessions Mobile Canning. I feel like a dope for not writing his name down anywhere, but can’t find it on their half-finished website. Seems like an interesting niche though – I’m quite curious about what the actual costs of mobile canning would be vs. a canning/bottling line, and what a cost analysis between the two would look like, ie when would it make sense to buy vs. the additional convenience cost of the short run canning. This was the last real class for Intro as the next class is a field trip to Oast House and Silversmith (loving the field trips in this course!) and the last class will be dedicated to delivering our brewery design presentation.

Two classes left. Two weeks until research assignments, presentations and final exams are over. That sentence would stress me out, should stress me out, but I am pulling a Scarlett O’Hara and will thinkĀ about it tomorrow.

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