Fall Beer and Cider Fest

I’m going to have to revise my usual refrain of “I never win anything in contests”. Thanks to Canadian Beer News, I won two VIP tickets to the Fall Beer and Cider Fest at the Rhino!

I took my friend Daniel, and we set ourselves at the bar to try some beer and cider, talk technology and generally kill a Sunday in a wonderful way.

I started with the West Avenue Barrett Fuller’s Secret Bourbon-Barrel Aged Cider, and was very impressed. I’m not normally a big fan of ciders, but I did like the smooth warm notes that bourbon barrel imparted on it.  I moved to another warm spice taste, Granite’s The Chai Wallah Has A Moustache Oatmeal Stout. I don’t know if my tastes, or because it’s autumn, but I am really liking stouts and porters these days.

Next was Flying Monkey’s Rubus Acerbi American Wild Raspberry. This reminded me of the tart wild raspberries that grew behind the cottage we rented every year when I was a kid, where my friend Sandi and I would run wild for a few weeks and explore the edges of our world.

I followed this with another beer that seemed interesting, Beau’s Smoking Banana Peels Rauch Weissbier. I think the nicest thing I can say about it was that it was not to my taste. I got an aroma of smoked fish from it that I could just not get past. I tried the old smelly-cheese trick of holding your breath until I get a sip in my mouth to see if I could enjoy it without the smell overpowering me, but it was still too much. This interests me, as my friend Daniel also got the smoked fish, but other people I’ve spoken with had a totally different experience. I might re-visit this one again once I have a better understanding of my palate.

The last one of the night was the Nickel Brook Pie-Eyed Pumpkin Ale. I liked that the taste was more about the pumpkin and less about the pumpkin spice.

At this point we had to skedaddle and head to another event. A huge thanks to the Rhino for hosting, and for Canadian Beer News for the tickets! It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

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