Beer Advent Calendar, the cheap and cheerful edition

I have never had an advent calendar for the holidays to the best of my recollection. I wanted one though. The thought of little count-down treats to be unwrapped each day before the big day of Christmas appeals to me. I do love opening presents of any size. The closest I have gotten was last year when my younger brother bought me a beer advent calendar as a Christmas present. It was one of the most generous and thoughtful gifts he has ever given me.

However, he lives in Calgary. We thought long and hard about how to get the box of beer to me, but there was just no way. So, being the generous sister I am, I instructed him to drink them and tell me about them.

Apparently they were good.

They had just released the 2014 edition when I was out there in October. I’ve read about the possible negatives about this kind of collection, about old and oxidized beer with numerous off-flavours. It didn’t matter. As soon as I saw it, I coveted it. If I wasn’t so broke and could have figured out a way to get it on the plane, there would be one sitting in a prominent place in my apartment, waiting for tomorrow.

2014 Beer Advent Calendar

Fast forward to last weekend, when Jordan St. John wrote a post on his blog about beer advent calendars, why we can’t have them under the current liquor laws (stupid outdated LCBO/Beer Store rules), and a few suggestions to make your own.

Wait, what? Make my own? Cue well, duh, forehead-smacking, I-could-have-had-a-V8-esque moment.

Not actually from a V8 commercial, but from Dr Who, so it’s much better.

I have gone through my stash of beer-I-bought-and-should-drink-instead-of-hoard and bought some new and interesting (to me) bottles and cans to augment it. I had my beloved randomly package them in numbered LCBO bottle bags to maintain the element of surprise. They’re not pretty, but I am broke and they were free.

Tomorrow is December 1st, and I can’t wait to see what the first one will be!

My own advent calendar with the cheap and cheerful packaging.

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  1. Fan-tabulous.
    I’ve only had two advent calendars: one M brought from Germany and gave to me when we were first dating. My mom found it and ate all the chocolates. The second, I bought with M. M ate all the chocolates.
    I would say that next year, I will make a beer advent calendar and M won’t touch it, but now he likes the same beers that I like, so forget it. I’ll just drink.

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